Thursday, July 28, 2016

Trip to Kullu Manali

Hi all, best way to visit somewhere is by train. As sometimes we don't have train routes so we have to go for others things. We travel kullu Manali by bus. We travel there in night. I personally think if you have to go somewhere visit there in night. Because next day a beautiful sunshine and a refreshing city welcome you there.

We reached there by morning and we were excited to see the beautiful places as we have discussed previously.

On first day we completed the local places such as hidimba temple, mall road etc. After that on next week took a car and spend the day to some hilly area.

The total places to see at Manali is like almost 9-10. So you can cover all these in two days.

You can save one day to visit kullu Bijli mahadev temple.

To spend some time in the Lap of nature is good thing. You must have spend some time to view the nature... Deepak Jangra